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Feldenkrais: Moving through life

The Feldenkrais Method

‘Changing the way you walk the street, changes the way you walk your talk’

Awareness of the way you move your body, affects not only the coherent effectiveness of your body movements but also the effectiveness of your mind. Awareness of the way you move your mind, affects not only the coherent effectiveness of your mind but also the effectiveness of your body. The BodyMind Method knows they are not two: they are one. In addition to using such somatic awareness training to improve performance in sports or the arts, relieve pain, and reduce stress, learning through the body via Feldenkrais® offers you a concrete basis for mastering the subtleties of change.

Principles of ‘the Method’ Always remember the BodyMind is an endless mystery. The moment you stop remembering this, learning has stopped, especially ‘deep learning’. The Method is designed as a help for entering the mystery of the BodyMind. That’s its primary use. All other uses are secondary.Whatever you do as a practitioner of the Method, please keep in mind that you have to find your unique way to stay in touch with it’s primary use. Otherwise you will easily forget to remember the BodyMind is an endless mystery. Learning never stops.All deep learning is paradoxical. Like every atom the BodyMind has two aspects, or simultaneous ways of emanation. It appears as local substance and as non-local wave-field. What seems to be true for one aspect, is at the same time not true for the other aspect. That’s what keeps it a mystery. The intellectual mind will never be able to grasp it completely. The Body is here to remind the mind of that.Wisdom transcends the intellectual mind. Mind is local, wisdom non-local. Absolutism in religion, or in any field of understanding, is like a mission impossible of the mind, trying to grasp or confine the mystery.Wisdom reluctantly uses words, while prefering silence. The Method is designed as an in-between. It feeds the mind, while keeping the door open for wisdom.The hidden recesses of the deep brain, where words cannot enter, rejoice in the Method. Learning leads to inner joy.

So lay down and enter the mystery. Just follow the movement of your head. For the mind it may seem boring. As long as it is boring, the mind is dominant. You have not entered the mystery. Entering the mystery you relax and rejoyce. The Method is designed as a simple and direct way into your natural state of joy without a cause.The primary use of the Method has no goal. This is not easy to understand for the mind. It seems a useless waste of time. Only wisdom may understand this. If you feel lost, the goal is to find home. If you feel at home, there is no goal anymore. The Mind entering in unision the Body is at home. Conscious Presence.What are the limits of the Body? A small mind sees a small body. The mind that is aware of its own limitations is open to let the mystery enter. All concepts are a hindrance for the vastness. Only know this: a vast Mind sees a vast Body.

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